Metal Powder Businee Segment(Nippon Atomized Metal Powders Co., Ltd.)

Metal powder business segment develops, manufacture and supply metal powder products, such as copper powder, soft magnetic alloy (Fe alloy) powder, copper alloy metal powder, and silver powder, which are used as parts materials in various fields such as automobiles, information equipment, industrial equipment, and electrical appliances, mainly by the water atomization method.

With the promotion of digital transformation, the utilization of IoT and AI, the popularization of 5G devices, and the shift to EV and the vehicle electrification in automobiles, requirements for better quality, higher functionality and stable supply of electronic component materials are more stringent. We strive to continuously improve to meet our clients' requirements.

Main products

Copper powder


Copper powder for conductive materials mainly used for multilayered ceramic capacitor (MLCC).

Various needs have emerged because of the evolution of digital technology and the sophistication of electronic components, and we develop powders that meet the needs of customers.

Soft magnetic alloy (Fe alloy) powder


Soft magnetic alloy (Fe alloy) powder for metal alloy power inductors.

Inductors are required to become smaller and thinner with higher current capacity. Metal alloy power inductor satisfy these requirements and our soft magnetic alloy (Fe alloy) powder is highly focused.

Copper alloy metal powder


Copper alloy metal powders such as bronze or other alloyed powder for powder metallurgy.

These powders are used for automobile parts and industrial machine parts. Our powders are widely suuplied for a broad range of industrial sectors.

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