Message from President

President and CEO Ueda Noritaka

Nihon Seiko Co.,Ltd. was established in 1935 for the purpose of redeveloping Nakase Mine in Hyogo Prefecture, which was discovered in 1573. Since then we have been developing and supplying high-quality antimony products in various applications, and will mark the 90th anniversary of the company's founding in 2025.

In 2000, we have invested in Nippon Atomized Metal Powder Corporation which is one of leading manufacturer of special fine metal powder and was made our wholly owned company in 2008. We have further expanded the base of manufacturing through this investment.

Antimony is used in various applications such as flame retardants made of synthetic resins, electrode material for lead-acid battery, catalysts for PET and acrylonitrile, and semiconductor material.

Atomized metal powders are used in electronic component applications that copper powder is used as electrode material for multi-layer ceramic capacitors, iron alloy powder is used as coil material for power inductors, and bronze powder is used as powder metallurgy material for bearings of small motors.

In recent years, with the spread of IoT and AI and the speeding up of communication environments such as 5G, DX has expanded rapidly and material development is required more niche and speed.

To that end, Nihon Seiko Group has formulated medium-term management plan for 2022-2024, with the slogan "Challenge for Sustainable Growth" and We aim to continue to contribute to society through manufacturing in order to create new society.

Nihon Seiko Group will continue to do our best to meet stakeholders’ satisfaction based on four basic policies in the medium-term management plan as "Strengthening group collaboration," "Improving profitability," "Creating new value," and "Creating attractive company."

We look forward to your further support and understanding in the months and years to come.

President and CEO
Ueda Noritaka