Environment Activities

1. Establishment of "Antimony Environmental Safety Committee"

With the increasing public awareness of antimony-related matters of public health and environmental safety, Antimony Environmental Safety Committee was organized in November 1998 as a subdivision of Japan Mining Industry Association to collect, examine, and study scientific facts about antimony products for better public knowledge and education and thereby to promote sound and steady prosperity of antimony products producers.

2. Establishment of "International Antimony Association (i2a)"

In 2008, the International Antimony Oxide Industry Association was changed its name to the International Antimony Association (i2a), to expand its object scope from antimony trioxide to antimony products. The mission of i2a is to conduct studies regarding environmental influence, health and safety of antimony products and to disseminate information concerning the safety and benefits of antimony products, by way of giving access to data, sharing and providing information on the content of data, for the benefit of producers and importers of antimony products. The office is located in Brussels, Belgium. Nihon Seiko resigned from the i2a at the end of 2016.

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