Environment Policy

Environment Policy of Nihon Seiko

Basic Understanding

Nihon Seiko acknowledges that environmental problems are global in scale and may effect the future generations.
Our company considers protecting the environment one of its most important responsibilities. We will do all we can to make sure our company does not contribute to environmental degradation under our environmental management system supported by all management and employees of our company with full understanding of the seriousness of environmental issues.

We strongly believe the healthy environment of the glove should be handed over to the next generation.

Action Principles

1. Consideration to natural ecology

To pay attention to fragile ecosystems in Japan and abroad.

2. Alleviation of environment load

To work towards reversing environment problems such as global warming, ozone depletion, air , water and soil pollution, and to maintain noise, vibration and offensive odor arising from our production at minimum level.

3. Reduction waste and increase of recycling

To reduce the amount of wastes generated in production and to increase re-use of waste materials.

4. Resource retrenchment and rational consumption of energy

To reduce our consumption of limited natural resources, especially fossil fuels and electric power, to the greatest extent possible, in order to limit our emission of CO2 into the environment.

5. Implementation of "green" technology

To purchase and utilize environmentally sound goods and technology.

6. Compliance to the environmental laws and regulations

To adhere to environmental laws and regulations.

7. Improvement of the management system

To continue improving our environmental management system, under which all management and employees of our company conduct their activities with the full understanding of seriousness of environmental issues.

(Approved and enacted by the highest officer of the environment management system on February 25, 2009)