Sodium Antimonate




Engineering plastics, which require high heat resistance, may be affected in their material features by depolymerization caused through adding antimony trioxide to the plastics. SA-A, penta-valent antimonate, provides engineerin plastics with flame retardance without adversely affecting the material features of the original plastics by retaining their original heat and hydrolysis resistance.
Although high crystal water and coarse particle size are a common feature of sodium antimonate, the tight quality control maintained over particle size has led to our success in the production of non-water and fine type SA-A by eliminating water (adhesive water and crystal water) that causes hydrolysis and producing a fine particle size which gives high disparsibility.
The refractive index of this grade is similar to many kind of plastics, allowing the original transparency and clear coloring of the plastics to be closely maintained making it a better alternative to antimony trioxide.

Typical specification NaSbO3 98%min., particle size 10micron max.


Technical Data


Standard grade with NaSbO3・3H2O 98% minimum, suitable for decolorization and fining of high grade glasses such as optical glass and cathode ray tubes.


Physical Property Data

Physical Property Data