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Antimony Metal

METAL-H High Purity Antimony Metal
Sb 99.9% minimum. High Purity Metalic Antimony for Semiconductor
  Standard Specifications
3N Sb 99.9% min. in shape of lump, shot or ingot
4N Sb 99.99% min. in shape of lump, shot or ingot
4.5N Sb 99.995% min. in shape of lump, shot or ingot
5N Sb 99.999% min. in lump shape
Use : raw materials for semiconductor, film for optical memory disk, or thermo-electron converter
METAL-N Antimony Metal
Sb 99% minimum. For antimonial alloys such as storage batteries, bearing metals, hard lead casting, cable sheathing,
typemetals, sheet and pipe alloys
METAL-P Antimony Metal powder
Sb 99% minimum, minus 60 mesh, for glass fining agents and alloys
METAL-S Antimony Metal Shot
Sb 99% minimum, 10m/m diameter, for various type of alloys
METAL-C Copper and Antimony Metal Powder
Mixture of 50% by weight of antimony Sb 99.5% and 50% copper Cu 99.99% for electric detonators
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