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1935 Established Nakase Kogyo Co.,Ltd. to develop gold,silver,antimony minerals.
1936 Changed company name to Nihon Seiko Co.,Ltd.
1948 Constructed the smelting plant and started manufacturing and sales of antimony trioxide and antimony metal.
1952 Changed sources of raw materials from domestic mines to overseas supplies.
1955 Commenced manufacturing and sales of the catalyst grades of antimony trioxide.
1971 Commenced manufacturing sodium antimonate.
1976 Constructed desulfurration plant and started manufacturing and sales of gypsum.
1982 Started manufacturing and sales of PATOX-L (large particle size) and PATOX-U (small particle size).
1985 Constructed large scale reduction furnace.
Celebrated the 50th anniversary of the company.
1986 Constructed large scale metal furnaces to produce PATOX grades.
1988 Increased company's capital to 1,018 million yen.
1991 Introduced automatic packing and storing system.
1992 Built new factory to accommodate the new special surface treatment facility.
1997 Completed new office building at Nakase.
1998 Completed new laboratory at Nakase.
2000 Nippon Atomized Metal Powder Corporation (Noda City, Chiba Prefecture) became a subsidiary of Nihon Seiko through the acquisition of the major portion of that company's issued stock.
Nihon Seiko Co.,Ltd. accredited with ISO14001.
2003 Nihon Seiko Co.,Ltd. accredited with ISO9001.
Purchased the antimony business including some plant facilities of Sumitomo Metal Mining Co.,Ltd.
2004 Completed production facilities of high purity antimony trioxide.
2008 Completed acquisition of 100% issued stock of Nippon Atomized Metal Powder Corporation
2009 Completed new technical center at Nakase
2012 Completed Tsukuba Plant, new plant of Nippon Atomized Metal Powder Corporation, in Ibaraki.
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